Memory Capsule Pet Urns


All three selections make their product choices and purchase. After you do this you will receive a Collection Kit which will be sent to you within 24 hours after purchase. The kit is for you to provide us with what it is that you want laser engraved on your urn and what you want placed in your urn before we seal the capsule, 3 tablespoons will be more than enough. You can provide whatever you want, within reason. Examples may include some fur clippings or some clippings from a favorite stuffy. Of course, you can provide ashes of your pet if they were cremated, even if you had a group cremation. We have placed ashes from two past pets and requested an engraving of just two initials.

If you are local and don’t want to do this, we will be happy to open and collect a few tablespoons, seal it back up and return. Using the envelope provided in your kit, contact us and we will electronically send you a shipping label. Return this to us as soon as possible so that we can begin manufacturing and/or personalizing your Capsule.

Additionally, we will tape the process of filling and sealing your personalized urn and provide a link to this video. This video is for your eyes only so that there is no question that indeed the memory of fido is inside. The link will be included with the delivery of your completed Personalized Memory Capsule Pet Urn

On-line Store

We will return your filled and sealed personalized Memory Capsule within 7-10 days from the date that we receive your completed kit.

We can send your product directly to you if you choose to fill and seal your Capsule yourself. Laser engraving is not included with this option. CD’s Whispering Paws cannot guarantee any aspect of your urn once you have tried to fill and seal it yourself. Many of our products need to be sealed by us with special tools

Custom Select

Choose the ‘Custom Select’ option, add it to your cart and purchase. Complete form that was included in your kit to let us know which style kit you want, the color option for that kit, your wood choice, and shape you want your capsule to be made; examples are shown on our web page. We will begin handcrafting your personalized Memory Capsule to you in less than 2 weeks after we receive your kit.

Custom Prime

We will first contact you to discuss your design soon after you place your order. You will be able to choose from as many of the repurposed woods we have, plus we can use a special wood that you provide us with that you would like for us make your urn. We can use any of the style kits and colors used in the custom select options, or we can discuss using some of the other options seen in our on our online images of urns where we have used special hooks and plugs. Your Urn will be created through these informational and brainstorming sessions over the phone conversations that we will have.

Added cost may be associated with the design and materials you are wanting, and these will be given in an estimate before any production begins. As soon as have taken care of any additional cost incurred, we will begin the manufacturing of your Memory Capsule Pet Urn and have ready for shipping in 2-3 weeks.

We will return your filled and sealed personalized Memory Capsule Pet Urn within 7-10 days from the date that we receive your completed kit.

Available reclaimed and repurposed woods available for you to choose from at this time are: Black Walnut Burl, Aspen, Blue Pine Beetle Kill, White Oak, Red Oak, Cedar, Cocobolo, White or Black Delrin and a (limited supply of Applewood, Spalted Maple, Butternut, Zebra). Sample images of these pieces will soon be available.


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