Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can we expect our product to be delivered?
This depends on what you order. Whichever option you choose, within 48 hours we will ship you a collection kit. As soon as we receive this back from you with what you choose to fill the urn with and the name you want engraved, we will immediately take care of your order which on average will be 2-3 weeks.

For OPTION 1 – You should receive it back within days. If expedited quickly by all parties this should take 3-5 working days.

For CUSTOM SELECT Option 2 – We will need 3-5 working days to handcraft your personalized custom Urn, during which time you complete and return your kit. You will have your Memory Capsule back within 7-10 days. Depending on prior orders in Q, the timeframe may be different, and we will discuss this with you if this is the case.

For CUSTOM PRIME Option 3 – After we receive the Collection Kit back this will take the 3-5 days to handcraft your personalized and handcrafted urn as in Option 2, The exception here will be if we need to order a special material or piece of hardware to include in your design.
We do have the option of an immediate turn-around, when possible, for an added fee of $75.

2. What are the differences between the three options?
Shop from store, Custom Design from a selection of options, Custom Design Unlimited.

3. What is the longest an urn can be?
The capsules vary, but generally are between 1-3 inches. For the That may vary depending on what is decided with the prime option.

4. What is the inside diameter of the urn?
Between ¼ – 1/2 inches.

5. I’d like to use my own wood, but with option two?
Absolutely, if you’ve chosen the PRIME option.

6. What are the types of wood you can use for the Prime options? Anything goes, If we don’t have it we can order it.

7. I’d like to order multiple urns for all family members, do you discount for quantity?
We do There is a 15% discount is you order 5-9 capsules; 20% for 10-24 capsules; 25% 25+.

8. Would you be able to make an urn for a person? 
Yes, You can put whatever you want in the urn.

9. I’m squeamish about going into the box that came back with ashes. Can you take the ashes needed out for me?
Yes we can, just get the box to us and we will remove only what is needed. We will then reseal and return to you. You will be responsible for the postage.

10. What does it mean when you say guaranteed?
If we sealed the urn and something happens that it opens up, we will fix or replace your capsule.

11. How are the capsules sealed?
With a CA glue, sort of like super glue.

12. Can I fill the capsule myself?
Yes you can.

13. This is an awesome product, what is the story behind the idea? 
From pens to Pet urns.

14. Whispering Paws is great, as you grow how will you handle the ‘Handcrafted’ spin?
We will always have a component of the memory capsule that will be handcrafted.