About Whispering Paws

What comes to mind when you hear “whispering paws”? Your pet licking your ear? Telling you a secret?

For me it conjures up images of those beloved pets of mine that have passed on, lovingly whispering in my ear. I find myself wishing they were here, or that they never left.

Whispering Paws exists to create beautiful hand-crafted Memory Capsule Pet Urns for beloved pets – a final home worthy of your best friend.

We use reclaimed and repurposed materials and customize just for you, with your loved one’s name or initials laser engraved upon the Capsule. Our Memory Capsules can be as small as ½” to 3” in length. Their inside diameters from ¼” to ¾”.

Parting from your pet was hard enough the first time. Keep them close at hand with a hand crafted Memory Capsule Pet Urn.

Keep Them Near
To You Always
Unique Design
One Of A Kind

About Charlie D

Hi, I’m Charlie.

As a bereaved pet owner, I know the pain that can come from the death of a cherished pet. Each and every one of my beloved pets had their own unique character and charm, and I know yours did, too.

We did everything with our pets, didn’t we? Leisurely walks in the park, long nights on the couch, morning greetings and good-night kisses. When we were down, they comforted and supported us unconditionally. When we were joyful, they shared in our happiness.

When I lost my own pets, all I wanted was to be close to them, to hold them in my arms again. I had long done high quality wood turning in a shop setting making pens for myself and for others, I even taught my students to make pens or pencils of their own as well. For decades I made and sold my pens until one day recently I had the idea of making a small commemorative Memory Capsule for Bella who recently had passed on. I wanted to put some hair clippings in an urn. I then made a few more small capsules and put the ashes of two of my dogs who had passed 15 and 30 years ago. It has brought a renewed and loving memory of those that have made their transitions in my lifetime. My thoughts now have turned to seeing if I might do the same for others as I do believe they may find that same comfort and presence to of those that have passed before them.

It brings me comfort and peace to have my pet back at my side everywhere I go – as though they never really left, still hearing whispers of the love we shared.

I believe I can do the same for you and your loved one.

What Customers Are Saying

"I gifted one of these beautiful elk Memory Capsules to my brother who hunts deer. He carries it round in his pocket and enjoys showing it off to his clients. All of Charlie D’s pens are of the best quality I’ve seen. They are a great novelty gift for anyone who is difficult to buy for. I plan on purchasing more for Christmas gifts." - Gerry

“The wood is beautiful, the design is delicate and sleek, and the price is right. I love to give handmade and locally made gifts and it has felt special to give many of her pieces to friends around the world” - Cathy

"Just look at the picture of my gorgeous elk antler ink pen and base that Charlie D’s made out of my rack! The top of the pen is made from an antler point, and the base Is made from a “Y” of the main beam from the same antler. I love the natural elk antler color, grain, and texture that Charlie D’s finished with her artistic talents. Oh yea, it is functional and well balanced, so is a pleasure to write with. I was going to give it as a gift, but it turned out so great that it now has a permanent spot o y desk." - Terry

What We Do

We create custom, hand-crafted Memory Capsule Urns for pet remains. We use all reclaimed and re-used woods, or even materials that were special to the pet in life – a branch from the tree he rested under or a piece of wood from her first dog house. We also offer specialized laser engraving, to preserve a special message between just you two. We have a series of pre-made Memory Capsules for sale, but we also take special orders on fully-customized Memory Capsule Pet Urns.

Tell us about your pet, and we will come up with a beautiful design that will truly honor their memory and give them a beautiful resting place right at your side, just like they would have wanted. Reach out and let us honor your pet the way they deserve!


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